Thursday, December 6, 2012

Palasade Guardian 3

Palisade Guardian 3 is a First Person, fixed perspective, shooter game where you play as a soldier trying to protect a fortified position against alien aggression. To do this you utilize up to six different weapons each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

As you start the game you only have a simple pistol to work with but as you complete levels you unlock new and more potent options.

Each level must be completed before the next one becomes available. Levels take place in a specific location, each location being composed of four different levels.

Before you enter a level you are given the option of purchasing items with which you can enhance you ability to deal death to the alien invaders.

Items come in three basic varieties with basic and advanced versions. Much like the weapons these items are made available as you progress through the game. The items themselves are pretty self explanatory.

The action takes place from a side view as enemies approach from the left and advance on the structure your defending on the right. Your job is to destroy all the aliens before they can destroy the structure.

Different aliens require different strategies as some are strictly melee, while others utilize ranged attacks.

After combat is completed ribbons are awarded for achieving certain goals such as killing all the aliens before they can damage the structure, or killing x enemies with a single shot.

These ribbons provide bonus points which are added to the total for the level.

Points are tallied based on your ability to kill the aliens along with the bonuses garnered from the ribbons. This score is then compared to three benchmarks.

Meeting these benchmarks will garner you one to three stars, as well as a sum of money which is used to buy items/buffs, both of which can then be used to enhance you ability to deal out destruction.

Stars are spent in the tech tree to enhance each of the five different weapons (the starter weapon is not upgradeable), or to enhance the defenses of the Palisade. Enhancements range from increasing accuracy, ammo capacity, or damage, to altering the weapons iron sights.

Enhancements to the Palisade's defenses include hiring snipers to help with defenses to upgrading their weapons and numbers.


All in all Palisade Guardian 3 is a solid fixed perspective shooter, and worth a try if you have the time to spend. It could easily be improved by reducing the amount of grind needed to gain the money required to purchase the items/buffs which appear to be needed for the later stages but these are minor issues.

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